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« Core Java »

A lot of text [books, e-magazines] in market states that the “Default Constructor” in Java is always parameter less. This is the rubbish content, if you own such a book tear out that page. Numerous Mentors/University Teachers throughout India or outside India are delivering disgusting content to their trainees.

Constructor in java can’t be parameter less; same approach goes with C#.NET”.

« Android »

Android applications gives you experience with an interesting technology (Android) in a fast-moving market segment (Internet-enabled phones).

  • What is the role of .APK files in Android?
  • How can you make a memory alignment through DOS?
  • What is the role of ZIPALIGN Utility?

« C Language »

My Dear candidates, C language does not support the concept of “Call by Reference”. Why here I’m raising this issue is just because, frequently in a lot of interviews there is a question “What is the difference between Call by Value and Call by Reference?”.

Actually C doesn’t have a special flavor of variable aka “Reference Variable”. So how can it support or allow “Call by Reference”.

[Reference variables are introduced in C++.]

« C++ Language »

C++ is a highly flexible and adaptable language. Since its creation in 1980, it has been used for a wide variety of programs including firmware for micro-controllers, operating systems, applications, and graphics programming.

Whether the following program will compile or not?

int fun(int val1 , int val2 , int val3 = 100)

« C# »

C# language was released by Microsoft as one of the core languages for developing .NET applications. C# bears amazing similarities to Sun Microsystems’ Java programming language.

Whether the following program will compile or not?
Program Name: Alpha.txt [Think about the file extension, which is .txt here(C#).]

using System.Console;
class Alpha
public static int Main()
Console.WriteLine(“Prakash Technologies.”); return 0;

« SQL Language »

SQL is the standard provided by ANSI. Following is a SQL statement to create a user in ORACLE (A leading database player in market).

This query works fine, but in a secured environment a user name & a password cannot be the same. So, now what will be the changes you are going to make to your ORACLE system to block or prevent the execution of above SQL statement?
(Such kind of jobs comes under the Password Management segment of ORACLE.)

Do you know how many columns a table can have in ORACLE?


Do you know how many attributes you can design for an entity in ORACLE?


« Web Component Development with Java »