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Note: We have made an earnest attempt to include as many problems as possible to test the Programming skills of future generation of programmers.

C Training

While programming in C many of training Institute doesn’t cares about the “Header File Inclusion” statements. Usually, in my first day conversation with the students, I asked them what role actually header files play in C, and the shocking answer which I got from them is header files contains the functions which we are calling or using through our C program. It’s not the valid answer.

  • So what actually a header file contains?

  • Where actually they are required?

  • HEADER GUARD is the first component of a header file, what you people know about them?

  • On your machine where actually the COMPILED CODE or the OBJECT FILES of PRINTF and other standard library functions resides?

  • How can you tell me the total number of STANDARD LIBRARY FUNCTIONS in TURBOC?

[There is a DOS COMMAND LINE Utility to generate such details.]

Java Training

JNI [JAVA NATIVE INTERFACE] is one of my all time favourite topic in Java. It’s a programming framework which allows you to establish communication between Java and libraries written in C/C++. JNI also allows direct access to assembly code.

The JNI enabled developers to add platform-dependent functionality to AWT applications. Here we use EDT (Event Dispatching Thread) which process events from the AWT graphical user interface event queue.

Following are the COMMAND LINE tools for JNI support.

JAVAH.EXE [shipped with JDK]

CL.EXE [shipped with .NET]

Have you used them before?

C# Training

In C# your source code gets compiled to MSIL code. And the .EXE file actually holds that MSIL information and other Meta information of your application.

In C# .MDL, .EXE, .DLL, and .MOD are the files which holds your applications Meta Data. Generally you get the .EXE files while compiling your C# code; this is because the default target of your C# compiler is .EXE. There are ways through which you can change this target type to .MDL or .DDL.

How can you change the default target type?

How can you read the .MSIL file manually?

[DLL files are used by the Operating System and by various programs. Editing or modifying them could damage your system. ]

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