Our Mission

P Technologies is a leading education and career service provider in Uttarakhand. P Technologies is at the leading edge of IT services, solutions and education & training. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of IT specific technical training programs, soft skills trainings, integrated industry programs and technology solutions. P Technologies welcomes those, who are willing to take on such challenges and transform themselves into proactive professionals. We supports their metamorphosis with innovative teaching-learning methodology, state-of-the-art study centre and resources and overall professional development plans to become industry-ready IT professionals.

Our Values & Strength

We at P Technologies are a team of professionals so that, we can share our expertise with the student. We very much understand the Industry as well as the students current requirement. A student can have the industry experience while studying in the Institute only.

Best of Technology

We always focus on latest technologies and upgrade ourself according to the industrial requirement. Hence, it is directly beneficial for our clients and students. Whatever demanded in the market, we include it in our curriculum.

In-depth Training 

We focus on Quality rather than Quantity. We provide only some specialized and limited Training Programmes designed to point out the industry requirements.